When your kid gets sick…and you don’t drive…

So, my son as allergy related asthma. With the season change and the temperature as well…he’s been coughing like he smoked since conception and wheezing. His father runs to CVS to grab him something to help with the cough. He later told me the pharmacy was full of parents grabbing medicine for their children  (yea…you’re going to school today tiny people). The cough seemed to subside and we sent him to school. Well guess who the school nurse calls? You guessed it. Me. The one with no drivers license. I calles all over to try to get to my boy. But in the end…it was mama bear to the rescue. I had to leave work early. The next train was due in 15 minutes. I counted my drawer down then said my goodbyes and thank yous (great start to a 3 day weekend! ) I only run when my life depends on it. So the fact that i ran from work to the station…and had to climb a flight of stairs…IN FLIP FLOPS …says “super mom”. I reached home…hailed an uber…and i got my boy. He was sound asleep in the nurses office. When he heard “buddy boy” he immediately woke up with the biggest look of relief on his face. He’s currently ok. We are still giving him his inhaler treatments. The wheezing stopped but i continue them anyway. I had to put all weekend plans to the side to be with my boy. But i know everyone understands. Until next time folks… 


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