If there were a such thing…

  1. I started this blog to let everyone out there in the land of parenthood that there is no such thing as a perfect parent. But if there was… it would be my mother. Yea we all say that our mothers are the best… but mine is the best! I learned from my mother how to be a strong woman. How to balance life between alone time in the bathroom to taking kids to the park . My mother still to this day is in my corner and my biggest support system. Here I am at 34 with my own family and she still treats me as if I’m about 10 years old. Even when she tells her God awful corny jokes, and God please tell her they are bad*smile* I see nothing but perfection. I could go on and on and on… and in another post I will. I just had to let the world know where most of my inspiration comes from when i blog. I love you Sonya… and thank you… I had it great because of your sacrifices and your ambitious ways to raise us right… you’re the MVP!

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