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Don’t be a butt hurt…it’s the holidays…

The “Look Who’s Talking” movies. Im almost positive we all watched them*watching the opening credits as an adult…those weren’t tadpoles and those werent bottle nipples 😐* Anyway…the 3rd installment found Molly becoming unemployed and having to work as an elf for the mall Santa. Mikey wandered off and seen the ma Santa in a heated… Continue reading Don’t be a butt hurt…it’s the holidays…

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All the kid wants…is pumpkin pie…

So here we are. Thanksgiving eve. Tomorrow my mother will be throwing down in the kitchen. My other mother (Vince’s mommy) is making me beef and rice(she only makes this once a year…i have to talk to her about this) With that being said…FOOD! I remember being a picky eater. I still am at the… Continue reading All the kid wants…is pumpkin pie…

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But your dad is RIGHT THERE….!

There was one part in the movie “Crooklyn” that I didn’t understand until i became a mother of multiples. Alfre Woodard’s character belted to her husband “I CAN’T EVEN TAKE A PISS…WITHOUT SIX PEOPLE HANGING OFF MY TITS!!!” I get it now!!!! My children follow me EVERYWHERE. If i go to the bathroom…suddenly they have… Continue reading But your dad is RIGHT THERE….!

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When did this happen?

My oldest minion is 11. I can remember being 11. I was so hype about the next Barbie due out. Or a video game. Hell…i was hype for Saturday morning cartoons. Remember those? Am I showing my age?  Ok…fast forward to now. Child…11 year olds today!?  Phones, Instagram, Drama, and Drama! I never in my… Continue reading When did this happen?