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When did this happen?

My oldest minion is 11. I can remember being 11. I was so hype about the next Barbie due out. Or a video game. Hell…i was hype for Saturday morning cartoons. Remember those? Am I showing my age? 

Ok…fast forward to now. Child…11 year olds today!?  Phones, Instagram, Drama, and Drama! I never in my life have seen so much tween hell! My kid is a good kid. She definitely has her moments. But i have seen some preteens do more and get into more than an actual teenager. 

“OMG i need to get my nails done” Omg do yoh have a job? Girl bye! They also want want want…but don’t want to earn it…she can fight me! 

In conclusion: hey 11 year olds…get your lives! stay young as long as you can…its alllllll downhill lol.

Did you guys catch me with my Wine and Whiskey family on November 2nd? if not…here it is! Blended Perfectly



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