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All the kid wants…is pumpkin pie…

So here we are. Thanksgiving eve. Tomorrow my mother will be throwing down in the kitchen. My other mother (Vince’s mommy) is making me beef and rice(she only makes this once a year…i have to talk to her about this) With that being said…FOOD! I remember being a picky eater. I still am at the young age of 21…🤗
But my children have me beat! Mom goes all out with her dinner. Even makes a brisket. But what do my kids want? Grapes and pumpkin pie. My Noel will sit and at least pick and eventually eat. Her twin brother…however…will only eat grapes and pie. Now, when I was younger…you ate that food and you better eat it all…because mom ain’t doing nothing else once the kitchen is cleaned. But now its “leave the baby alone and let him eat what he wants.” GIRL….BYE!!! Oh and God forbid the food touches! Might as well toss that plate and make a new one. In one end and out the other…and their food can’t touch…bro…really? I am looking forward to time with both of  my families. The shenanigans and all. oh…i dont cook…i show up…with my own Tupperware…judge me not.


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