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Don’t be a butt hurt…it’s the holidays…

The “Look Who’s Talking” movies. Im almost positive we all watched them*watching the opening credits as an adult…those weren’t tadpoles and those werent bottle nipples 😐* Anyway…the 3rd installment found Molly becoming unemployed and having to work as an elf for the mall Santa. Mikey wandered off and seen the ma Santa in a heated argument on the phone…then after the call ended Santa snatches off his beard. That’s how he found out there was no Santa.On his own.

Fast forward to now. I have a family. I have five year old twins. The magic of Christmas for them and the innocence warms my heart and soul. I love to see them light up when their creepy elf Lyria is wherever i lazily posted her in the house. When we ride past well lit houses*Peco is about to be PAID SON* how they “oooh” & “ahhh”. I recently decorate outside of my home. They farted rainbows and did several back flips down the block. What really bothers me is how a kid will see the festivities and want to be part of the magic and you always have that one butt hurt who wants to blatantly shit on the imagination of a child. I get it. I am a parent. I work hard for every dollar I have. I had a friend say he didn’t want his kids to believe a random guy who comes down a chimney gives his kids toys. That he didn’t want to lie to them. I don’t think it’s a lie. I think it’s imagination. Something fun to do with your kids. Whether it be the creepy elf or Santa. The imagination of a child is so precious. Let them figure it out on their own. I figured it out at about 9. I lived where there were no chimneys and i saw my dad hiding that shit…he tried though. I guess what I am getting at here is…let the children be children. Let them find out on their own. I am so glad that my parents let us have that moment growing up. Imagination. Let the babies have it. 

We just started the elf on the shelf…i hope to God i remember to move the damn thing…i think ill stick it in the fridge and say she was thirsty…that should work…traditions are epic…but i don’t know how long the elf will be around…they listen to it more than me…BYE ELFY!


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