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Adventures in coparenting 

So what happens when you are co-raising an 11teen year old with two parenting styles? Chaos, mayhem, and silent death wishes.

I have a laid back parenting style. I am often called nonchalant and soft. I guess .  But I have  never been one to use physical discipline unless its absolutely needed. I am more of a barker than I am a biter. Does it backfire at times? Yes. Do I really want to fight my kid like somebody who just took the last size 10 shoe that i was eyeballing? ABSOLUTELY .  The other half believes in using physical discipline. This is where we clash. So where is the happy medium? 11 years on this ride together and we still can’t seem to agree. It gets super hard at times because she’s being raised by two totally different people in two totally different environments. She’s always been accustomed to a certain lifestyle and we both are struggling with her other half. Yea. I just may be soft. But I try to be my best when it comes to raising my babies. Hopefully someday that happy medium will come. Until then i silently chant to myself “7 more years jesus…7 more.” 


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